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Sinai Pearl Limestone Splitface Cladding 400x100x20mm - 1st Quality

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Size (L x W x H): 400 mm x 100 mm x 20 mm
Pieces per Square Metre: 25.0
Pieces per Lineal Metre: 2.5
Pieces per Pallet: 280
Square Metres per Pallet: 11.2
Lineal Metres per Pallet: 112.0
Weight per Piece: 2.16 kg
Weight per Pallet: 604 kg

This Sinai Pearl Limestone Splitface Cladding is perfect for adding a unique look to your outdoor or indoor spaces.

This natural stone cladding is ideal for walls, pillars, water features, and accent walls.

This 1st quality cladding measures 400x100x20mm for a truly stunning feature.