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Basalt / Bluestone

Lava Honeycomb Basalt / Bluestone 600x400x30mm Natural Stone Pavers - 1st Quality

Per Square Metre. GST included.
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Size (L x W x H): 600 mm x 400 mm x 30 mm
Pieces per Square Metre: 4.16
Pieces per Lineal Metre: 1.66
Pieces per Pallet: 90
Square Metres per Pallet: 21.63
Lineal Metres per Pallet: 52.21
Weight per Piece: 18 kg
Weight per Pallet: 1600 kg

Create a stunning outdoor area with this Lava Honeycomb Basalt / Bluestone 600x400x30mm Natural Stone Paver.

Made from 1st quality, A grade basalt formed after rapid cooling of basaltic lava, it is durable and unique, perfect for landscaping or renovation projects.

Its organic look and global appeal make it an ideal choice for home and commercial design.

N.B Please be aware that with all Natural Stone colour and pattern will vary between batches.