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Classic Travertine 1220x406x30mm Natural Stone Step Tread - 1st Quality

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Size (L x W x H): 1220 mm x 406 mm x 30 mm
Pieces per Square Metre: 2.02
Pieces per Lineal Metre: 0.82
Pieces per Pallet: 33
Square Metres per Pallet: 16.34
Lineal Metres per Pallet: 40.24
Weight per Piece: 36 kg
Weight per Pallet: 1200 kg
Travertine is a variety of limestone formed in pools, by the slow precipitation of hot, mineral-rich spring water. The “holes” characteristic of travertine is created when carbon dioxide bubbles became trapped as the stone is being formed. Travertine comes in a tumbled finish creating an uneven, natural looking rounded edge.