Retaining Wall Checklist


  • Mark out your site with pieces of string or chalk for an even, clear idea of how many Lineal Metres your retaining wall will be.
  • Decide on the type of wall you require. There are many walls to choose from, Dry Stack, Mortar Walls, Garden Edging, Stepback and Flushface.
  • Decide how high you require the wall to be, keeping in mind some walls can only be buit to a maximum height.
  • Decide on colour, style and life of wall you require


  • Choosing the perfect block can be quite confusing if you let it. Try not to put too much thought into contrasting colours, this can just confuse the issue. Have a rough idea of the colour scheme you are going for and then remember, when people come into your newly landscaped yard they will be looking at the new surrounds and not thinking that you didn't match it exactly to your house colour.
  • Check out our online store to choose the best block for you. Our online store includes brochures and all the information you will require on the block including lengths, heights etc.


Calculate the amount of blocks you require per row. To calculate you will need to know the length of the block.

  • Blocks per lineal metre 1000mm/____mm(length of block.) = YY
  • Blocks per row YY x Lineal Metre of wall

Calculate the number of blocks high you require. To calculate you will need to know the height of the block.

  • Blocks high (wall height) mm/_____mm(height of block.) = ZZ

To calculate the amount of blocks you require for the entire wall YY x ZZ = Amount of blocks you require.

Remember to factor in your 5-10% extra's for Wastages, Cuts etc.

Eg. Heathstone Grande Block dimensions: 440mm long x 162mm high x 270mm deep. Wall to be 25 Lineal Metres and 1metre high.
Blocks per lineal metre 1000mm/440mm(length of block.) = 2.28
Blocks per row 2.28 x 25 Lineal Metre of wall = 57 Blocks required per row.
Blocks High 1000mm (height of wall) /162mm (height of block) = 6.18 (round to) 6

TOTAL AMOUNT NEEDED = 57 (blocks per row) x 6 (blocks high) = 342 required for entire wall.


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